Integration Studio

Design, develop, debug, test and deploy your integration flows with WSO2 Integration Studio.

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Graphical Tooling

WSO2 Integration Studio is a drag-and-drop graphical development environment for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator. It provides efficient integration artifact development and accelerates development lifecycles.

It includes a visual tool palette, option to import connectors to tool palette, top-level integration constructs, and property views for complex configurations.

Jumpstart with Pre-built Integration Templates

Get started with predefined templates to start the integration scenario. Upon selection of a predefined template, a project containing the integration artifacts is generated and only customization is necessary.


Get started quickly with 200+ enterprise-ready connectors to connect to heterogeneous systems from your integration within WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Build your own connector easily using SDKs and web APIs with easy steps.

Data Integration

Convert your data sources into accessible api endpoint/service within minutes with Integration Studio.

Built-in data integration wizard will guide you through the api/service creation step by step.

Powerful Data Transformation

Supports any kind of data transformation (JSON, XML, CSV) using drag & drop graphical development environment with real-time evaluation.

Built-in ETL capabilities with supporting third-party libraries.

Built-in transformation option for XML <> JSON conversion

Testing and Debugging

Built-in runtime to quickly deploy, run, and debug development lifecycles.

Visual debugging capability with the ability to configure breakpoints, step and inspect the current message and current runtime properties at any given stage of the integration flow

Integration Flow Testing

Native test framework for implementing test cases and mock backend services for integration artifacts. Also, include the facility to test against real remote backend systems providing complete end to end integration testing support.

Other IDE Support


The WSO2 VSCode extension enables integration developers to move into the popular Visual Studio Code ecosystem. The VScode extension provides support for creating and editing WSO2 Enterprise Integrator projects and builds your integration using an intuitive configuration language (XML-based Synapse Configuration Language).

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