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We hope everyone is staying safe! While you’re living out your best socially distanced life, we would like to keep you informed with our latest news. Here are a few things we thought were worth sharing this month:

Seamless GraphQL

GraphQL is all the rage right now. Instead of having multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, like in REST, GraphQL just has a single endpoint; clients just have to specify what data they need from it. Learn all about exposing GraphQL as managed APIs with security, rate limiting, monitoring, and monetization here.

Customer Panel Discussion: Princeton University, Ohio State University, and DeVry University

Providing staff and faculty with a seamless learning experience is an immediate priority for higher education institutions. Join our panel discussion with architecture experts from our customers in higher education as they share experiences on how to ensure business continuity, empower a digital workforce, and use technology to adapt to change. Register now.

Improving Customer Experiences Through the Power of APIs

As one of the world’s largest integrated utility companies and a world leader in wind energy, ScottishPower needed an API management solution that could securely provide easier access to their data and services for external partners and customers. With WSO2 API Manager, ScottishPower managed their backend APIs better, enabling them to provide secure, customer-friendly, and efficient services. Read more.

Kubernetes Visualized

We tried out Kubevious and we think it’s fantastic! It’s an open-source tool that provides a highly user-friendly graphical interface for Kubernetes. It provides hints to operators to identify configurational and operational errors as well as uncover security issues. We also work with K9s, which provides a remarkably user-friendly terminal UI to interact with our Kubernetes clusters. K9s works really well with Kubie, which allows us to connect to multiple Kubernetes clusters simultaneously (making it another immensely useful K8s tool).

Is Your API a Successful One?

APIs sit at the edge between customers and backend services and connect the two to create amazing user experiences. They provide exciting opportunities for businesses large and small. So what does it take to deliver a successful API? Read more. And, should you re-evaluate the strength of your API security? Find out here.

How to Perfect your CIAM Solution?

Attracting and retaining customers is key during these post-pandemic times and your CIAM strategy plays a major part in these efforts. Scalability, the ability to comply with data privacy regulations, and transparency with respect to user data should be considered carefully to devise a sound CIAM strategy. Here are some common mistakes developers should steer clear of when designing a CIAM solution. Read our blog.

Fast-track your WSO2 IAM Certification for Free

Master the essentials of the highly extensible WSO2 Identity Server through a free online course conducted by WSO2’s IAM experts. Once you complete the fundamentals program, you can progress to the advanced training and certification too. Start learning!

Virtual Learning Opportunities

We have a range of upcoming webinars in May that focus on WSO2 API Microgateway, cloud-native API management, passwordless authentication, CIAM, open banking, and more. Explore all webinars and virtual events.

Thank you for reading and being a part of the WSO2 community. If you have friends or colleagues who would find this content helpful, please feel free to share this with them.


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