WSO2 Newsletter - February, 2021

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NEWSLETTER - February 2021

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Greetings fellow techies,

We are already 2 months into 2021! Time sure does fly by. We hope you're still sticking to all those new year's resolutions because, like you, we’ve got big plans for the year ahead! To kick things off, we’ve done a round-up of some of our highlights from 2020. Have a read through it below as we fill you in on our journey.

But that’s not all, we’ve just released a new consent management update to our Open Healthcare Solution, simplifying compliance in line with US Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) mandates for giving patients more control over their personal data. Keep reading for a quick round-up on all things WSO2!

WSO2 In the News

A technology evangelist’s views on the post-pandemic workplace

A technology evangelist’s views on the post-pandemic workplace

Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2’s chief technology evangelist, believes as many workforces around the world are shifting to a hybrid working model, self-managed teams will come to the fore. These will be “empowered, engaged and entrusted”, he said, contributing to an open culture and open communication. Read more

Tools and techniques to master API management in production

Organizations continue to develop distributed application ecosystems that send massive populations of containers and microservices into production environments. This means that IT operations teams must find a reliable way to monitor and manage the plethora of APIs that keep these components connected. Read More

The Future of IoT and the Digital Workplace

The annual Consumer Electronics Show was a virtual event this year, as most other events have been, but there was still a lot to digest for the digital workplace.

Smart homes and smart buildings were a favorite topic, but there was also a lot of talk about the smart enterprise. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are making Internet-enabled devices a more common feature of business. Read More

What’s New!

New Consent Management in WSO2 Open Healthcare Solution Simplifies Compliance with US Mandates for Giving Patients Control Over Their Data

Healthcare organizations collect and share individually identifiable patient healthcare information every day. In 2021, US regulators are introducing legislation that requires that these enterprises not only protect this data but also put the power of consent into the hands of patients through the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) APIs. WSO2 is addressing this challenge today with the launch of new consent management functionality in WSO2 Open Healthcare. Read More


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