WSO2 Newsletter - March, 2021

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WSO2 Newsletter - March 2021

NEWSLETTER - March 2021

This is a monthly newsletter related to WSO2 and tech in general.

Greetings fellow techies,

It’s International Women’s History month and at WSO2 we take our role in challenging gender bias and providing equal opportunity very seriously. While we focus on building exceptional products we place significant emphasis on empowering and enabling our female workforce. This has resulted in 33% of our total workforce being women against a global average of just 17%. And that’s not all our senior management team is 23% female against a global average of 5% for women who occupy leadership roles in tech.

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Meet the Women in Senior Management at WSO2

Meet the Women in Senior Management at WSO2

Here’s to raising the bar in digital transformation while we #ChoosetoChallenge gender bias and inequality. Keep reading for a quick round-up on all things WSO2! Read more

Optimizing Low-Code Tools For Enterprise Application Development

Enterprises are constantly seeking tools that increase developer productivity so they can reach the next level of growth faster. At the same time, there is a tremendous gap between the number of skilled developers needed and the number available. This scarcity has created a need to open enterprise application development to citizen developers, in turn creating a demand for tools that simplify the software development process.

The low-code tools on which both groups increasingly rely are expected to abstract away the inherent complexities of enterprise application development. In doing so, they aim to reduce the operational burden on developers, so they can focus on the business logic to create better applications rapidly. A dizzying variety of these new low-code application development platforms combine attractive, advanced user interfaces (UIs) with the promise of “doing much of the work for you.” Read More

How to comply with ISO 27000 with WSO2 Identity Server

Relying only on one authentication factor leaves your business solution with a single point of failure, in the sense that if the knowledge, device, or biometric pattern is compromised, anyone who has it can impersonate the user. This can lead to a significant data breach. By using two-factor authentication, you create an additional layer of protection against anyone seeking to obtain unauthorized access, because although one factor is compromised, the resource will be protected unless the second factor is exposed. Read More

API Management for Asynchronous APIs

Today, customers increasingly demand access to real-time information like stock prices, train times, etc. Delivering this critical information, as it occurs, is a challenging task for every business. Traditionally, applications polled backend servers to fetch the latest information; however, this proved to be inefficient, as it consumes a significant amount of resources.

APIs should be designed to allow users to receive a stream of events from the service, instead of polling it periodically. Event-driven APIs or asynchronous (async) APIs can be used to meet this requirement — with mission-critical information pushed to client applications at the time of the event. Read More

Leveraging Web Workers to Safely Store Access Tokens

Web workers are used to offload resource-intensive tasks to a background thread in a web app. However, did you know we can also use them to safely store access tokens? This post explains how it can be done and the advantages of doing so.

Access tokens are widely used to authorize users to access restricted resources, such as an API endpoint. However, in single-page applications, storing access tokens safely becomes a significant challenge. Read More

What’s New!

Download our latest ebook - End-to-End API Security

Download our latest ebook - End-to-End API Security

APIs have become the building block of any successful digital business. Also, APIs are an invaluable asset for any organization’s employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to gain access to applications, data, and business functions across the enterprise.

However, this invaluable business asset has become a target for sophisticated security attacks. Knowing how to protect APIs and choosing the right security method has become the top priority for many businesses as the success of the whole enterprise depends on the security of its’ services offered through APIs. Download ebook


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