About Belatrix

As one of Latin America’s foremost Agile service providers, Belatrix has more than 20 years of experience developing software products for some of the largest global companies, as well as innovative startups. The rigor of our product development heritage provides an excellent basis to provide WSO2 dedicated services.

With offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, London, Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Lima, we work every day to become the most innovative partner for companies who believe that customized software solutions can make the difference.

We help clients improve their productivity and develop high quality, innovative software, QA, testing and mobile solutions that enables clients to generate best-in-class software products, decrease time-to-market, and gain a competitive edge.

Offerings and key value proposition

Your projects are critically important for your business success, so why should you trust them with us? Because to ensure the quality and flexibility you need, we hire the best talent in South America, offer flexible engagement models, and combine this with tried and tested project governance. With over 10 years of experience in various Agile methodologies in both development and testing, we’ll be sure to tailor your ideas into world-class software products. All individuals in the company are trained in Agile, and more than 30% of employees are certified Scrum masters.



  • Expertise in leading technology platforms
  • Advanced quality assurance (QA) skills
  • Top-caliber software engineers certified in Scrum
  • Culture that inspires smart questions and out-of-the box thinking
  • The right amount of process to get the job done without stifling innovation
  • Mature Agile processes
  • Dedicated mobile development software engineers
  • Program governance model that ensures product goals and quality


Belatrix predominantly serves customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.