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API-centric integration uses technology to enable typically diverse systems within or between organizations to work together to achieve common business goals.

IT teams typically implement integration by intercepting communications between mismatched apps (e.g. APIs, services,...) and then shaping that information represented as messages, events, and files. Historically, integration has been implemented using an enterprise service bus (ESB) that sits between information sources and coordinates activities as a single unit. With the advent of microservices architecture, newer systems tend to use integration logic running independently (e.g., as a microservice) instead of as a centralized service bus.

Last year, WSO2 carried out a detailed investigation of how three emerging technologies will change the nature of API-centric integration. The following are our findings.

About WSO2 Research

Our main goal is to separate the hype from the real potential of AI, Blockchain, and serverless within the integration domain. With that in mind, we took a systematic approach to our evaluation. The analysis used the Emerging Technology Analysis Canvas (ETAC) framework, which takes a broad view of emerging technology by probing impact, feasibility, risks, and future timelines.

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