Deliver Personalized
eCommerce Experiences, Rapidly and at Scale

Create new services to deliver a truly engaging customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. Make this possible by adopting a cloud native strategy to enable rapid innovation, scalability, and agility across your organization, systems, and processes. With WSO2's platform for innovation, we provide you with the tools to deliver personalized digital commerce to your customers.

Build and Scale eCommerce Solutions Faster

Build and Scale eCommerce Solutions Faster

Reuse and recompose APIs to rapidly build and scale digital solutions that meet your customers’ needs.

Connect Your eCommerce Ecosystem

Connect Your eCommerce Ecosystem

Automate integration workflows to connect your systems and get a 360 degree view of your customer data.

Ensure Continuous Access To Services

Ensure Continuous Access to Services

High availability makes sure you’re always on, even during peak traffic. AI-based observability helps you troubleshoot before a failure occurs.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Enhance Customer Experiences

Create seamless and personalized experiences for customers to deliver great customer satisfaction. Ensure secure access via authentication and authorization.

Customers Who Have Built a Digital Commerce Platform

The Warehouse Group
Online Transaction

Case study highlight

Until 2020, eBay was a WSO2 customer for 13 years. They used WSO2’s 100% open source integration platform to process more than 1 billion transactions a day. They were able to provide a scalable, secure, and efficient shopping experience to its vast global customer base.

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The WSO2 Value Proposition

Integrate any web, mobile, legacy, or homegrown application to systems that enable CRM, data management, consent management, and more to embed identity into the entire customer experience

Deliver new solutions without worrying about the complexities of the cloud. Seamlessly move between no code, low code, and pro code to build, reuse, and recompose APIs.

With just a few clicks, automate the Ops of DevOps including API testing, deployment, security, discovery, and observability.

Automatically scale up as and when needed, and provide high availability for an always-on solution.

Ensure the right level of authentication, authorization, and access. Simplify the login experience with a social sign-in of your customers’ choice.

Pick from our flexible deployment options so that your customer data can reside either behind the firewall or on the cloud.

Let us know how we can help you build personalized digital commerce solutions.