A Cloud-Native API Gateway for Microservices from WSO2!

Organizations are increasingly leveraging microservices to ensure continuous, agile delivery and flexible deployment of complex, service-oriented applications.

By enabling small autonomous teams to develop, deploy, and scale their respective services independently, microservices accelerate the production cycle exponentially and help to reap the benefits of modern microservices architecture (MSA)

Forbes says,

Adopting a microservices architecture puts you in a better position to deploy cloud-agnostic solutions with minimal modifications, allowing you to move between cloud providers or deploy to multiple redundant cloud providers for a potent decentralized service model.

Ref:Forbes (March 2021)


Compose one or more microservices to be exposed as APIs

Policy Enforcement

Ability to apply security, rate limiting, and SLAs (service level agreement) to internal and external microservices

Business Insights

Make data-driven decisions based on actual API usage patterns


Deployment flexibility for microservices to facilitate a wide range of use cases

Optimal Resource Management

Manage traffic, protect backends and maintain a consistency of services


A lightweight runtime with low resource consumption to offer rapid responses

Are you ready to leverage microservices architecture to
future-proof your business?

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