WSO2’s Response Plan for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

In the face of growing concern over the coronavirus’s impact on the health, operations, and economic success of our customers, we wanted to share an update on actions we have taken to maintain our ability to serve customers and minimize any potential risks for our collective employees.

There has been no direct impact on WSO2 staff to date. However, we have taken some precautionary measures to reduce risk and better serve customers throughout this period.  These steps include a comprehensive employee communication and education plan, instituting a limited work-from-home policy, and observing tighter travel restrictions. You may see the effect of these policies as follows:

Support services

  • WSO2’s 24x7 support operations are distributed across our global offices, giving us resiliency and the ability to provide support anytime anywhere, and it is highly compatible with our work-from-home policy.
  • At this time, our global staff, including support staff, are observing a work-from-home policy.
  • To reduce transmission, all WSO2 staff traveling internationally will observe a two-week, work-from-home period upon their return.

Consulting services

  • On-site consultants will observe your precautionary workplace policies, including work-from-home, meeting, and travel policies.
  • Staff members at customer sites in affected areas are advised to practice a work-from-home policy to continue to serve the respective customers. We will work with our customers, where required, to enable the remote infrastructure required to continue delivering on our commitments.
  • New requests for on-site consulting services in affected regions will be subject to tighter scrutiny and alternatives will be explored, including observing your policies or the feasibility of off-site services.  On-site engagements are of course subject to our consultant’s willingness to travel into possibly affected areas.

Customer relationships and events

  • Discretionary in-person visits to your office by WSO2 staff (account managers and solution architects) will be curtailed, and should our respective leadership mutually authorize a visit, every effort to ensure such a visit is safe will be followed.
  • WSO2 relies heavily on remote tools such as video conferencing for our internal operations; we welcome the opportunity for expanding this to continue effective collaboration while accommodating your concerns or complying with your policies.
  • WSO2’s participation in industry events is subject to their cancellation.  In addition, we are reducing participation in live events to lessen the risks of exposure.  We are exploring options for virtual events.

We are in no way slowing down our business-as-usual functions. We already extensively use video conferencing and other distributed collaboration tools for a large number of our activities and we will continue to do so during this period.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us.