WSO2 Certification Exam Levels

WSO2 Certification Exam Levels


Recommended for developers, this is the starting point for getting certified in WSO2 products. Each product has a multiple choice question (MCQ) exam. Each exam consists of 30 questions. Candidates must go through the required training courses, but there is no prerequisite for Practitioner exams.

A WSO2 certified Practitioner should be able to:

  • Understand a business problem and evaluate the feasibility to use WSO2 products in the solution.


Suitable for developers, this certification is more advanced than the Practitioner certification and is an exam with 50 MCQs. Candidates must have around 3 months of practical experience working with the product in addition to the required training courses. No prerequisites are required for Developer exams.

A WSO2 certified Developer should be able to:

  • Configure and deploy the product to provide an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Deliver a pre-sales pitch and lead a discussion using generic product concepts and features.
  • Deliver standard pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples.


Ideal for developers, the Expert level exams consist of 2 practical examinations based on product knowledge. Candidates are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the product, at least 6 months of hands-on experience, and their respective developer certification.

A WSO2 certified Expert should be able to:

  • Propose a pre-sales solution using the following constructs:
    • Suitable domain concepts and patterns
    • A complete and standard set of product features
    • Product architecture and message flows
    • Product extension and customization points
    • WSO2 connectors
    • WSO2 product integration with third-parties
    • Product deployment best practices and migration
  • Deliver customized pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples according to a given business use case.
  • Deliver development services for WSO2 products, including product configuration and artifact development.
  • Set up WSO2 products and dependencies according to standard deployment patterns.
  • Develop and deliver product-standard extensions.
  • Deliver product localizations and recommended customizations.
  • Review configurations and artifacts of a given deployment.
  • Troubleshoot the product to overcome development issues.

Solutions Architecture Associate

Recommended for architects, the Solutions Architect Associate certification consists of two exams, the General MCQ exam which has 25 questions, and the Scenario-based MCQ exam which has 45 questions. Those attempting this certification must have successfully completed two Developer level exams.

A WSO2 certified Solutions Architect Associate should be able to:

  • Understand WSO2’s offerings and build solutions for customers.
  • Define business, solutions, and deployment architectures

Sales Professional

Ideal for those selling WSO2’s platform value proposition. This certification is suitable for account managers, business development managers, channel managers, and sales and pre-sales consultants. The Sales Professional exam consists of 50 MCQs.

A WSO2 certified Sales Professional should be able to:

  • Successfully describe WSO2’s platform value proposition.
  • Position and sell WSO2’s products.
  • Identify opportunities to promote WSO2 in the market.