Sample Questions


What is INCORRECT regarding the WSO2 API Manager components?

  • a) The Publisher portal is used to design, publish, manage and monitor APIs.
  • b) The Developer Portal is used to discover, explore, test, monitor and subscribe to APIs.
  • c) The Developer Portal is a runtime component of the API Manager.
  • d) The API Gateway is a runtime component of the API Manager.

Key Management

What is an API authorization mechanism supported out-of-the-box by WSO2 API Manager?

  • a) Fine-grained access control using XACML
  • b) Role-based access control using local scopes
  • c) Role based access control using shared scopes
  • d) All of the above.

Extending WSO2 API Manager

What is an unsupported workflow extension in API-M?

  • a) Application creation workflow
  • b) API state change workflow
  • c) API subscription tier update workflow
  • d) API update workflow