What is Hybrid API Management?

With the fast-growing popularity of cloud computing, an increasing number of organizations are now moving towards hybrid infrastructure where some parts of a solution would be in the cloud while other parts would be in traditional on-premises data centers. With the move towards the digital enterprise where more and more data is exposed via APIs, organizations heavily depend on API management platforms to ease the burden of managing these APIs.

In hybrid API management, some parts of the platform are cloud-based and the rest is based on-premises. With hybrid API management, most of the API management infrastructure including management user interfaces, the developer portal, and analytics are in the cloud, hence they are always accessible to API publishers and subscribers. Running the API gateway on-premises cuts down the network overhead, ensures security and compliance, and also removes the need for VPNs or any other network connectivity solution.

The whitepaper “Hybrid API Management: Run Your API Gateways Anywhere” explains how Hybrid API management helps organizations build feasible, reliable, and agile solutions to address changing business requirements.