What is Microservice Architecture?

Microservice Architecture (MSA) is an architectural concept focused on developing a single application as a suite of small and independent services that are running in their own process, developed and deployed independently. Microservices is not just about splitting a monolith into independent services.

We can identify the business capabilities required from the application by looking at the functionality offered from the monolith - that is to say, what the application needs to do to be useful. Those business capabilities can then be implemented as fully independent, fine-grained, and self-contained (micro)services. They might be implemented on top of different technology stacks, but however done, each service would be addressing a very specific and limited business scope.

This white paper explores the key architectural concepts of MSA and how you can use it in practice. It will also examine how you can leverage integration, API management, and identity and access management technology in the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform to implement different aspects of MSA.

Key Takeaways:
  • The advantages of implementing MSA
  • The size, scope, and capabilities of a microservice
  • Messaging, data management, governance, and security in microservices
  • Realizing MSA with WSO2