Responsible CIAM: Architecting High Security and Flexibility in Consumer Engagements

For any modern business, the most essential outcomes derive from online interactions with consumer audiences. Consumer digital engagements are instrumental in achieving profitability and meeting organizational goals.

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions are the principal resources used to orchestrate consumer experiences. Organizations that adopt CIAM platforms typically focus on using their capabilities to help achieve business goals while creating positive consumer experiences.

The Path to Productivity and Fast Innovation in Digital Business

EMA primary research indicates that the adoption of a CIAM platform results in significant improvements across all key indicators for online business services"

The most frequent error organizations make with the introduction of a CIAM solution is to immediately dive into purchasing and deploying a platform without first assessing their organization’s unique requirements.

To meet business, security, and management efficiency goals simultaneously, CIAM solutions must be implemented based on a strategically determined set of business objectives.

In this whitepaper, we look at the key steps required for implementing a responsible CIAM solution that will achieve quantifiable returns on investments (ROI). These have been logically organized into three steps.