Accelerating API-Based Innovation

APIs are key to bringing an enterprise’s critical digital initiatives to life. And in a competitive global environment—where getting to market first often means the difference between being a leader or a follower—the pressure is on to accelerate API-based innovation.

Platforms that take a full life cycle approach to API management are powerful accelerators for digital innovation. According to a new GigaOm report, one business achieved a ten-fold cut in development time from 50 days to 5 days and slashed development costs by 90% in the first year of deploying WSO2’s API management platform.

The report, written by Jon Collins, vice president of research at GigaOm, extracts insights from interviews with WSO2’s customers and partners to examine real-world technology, architecture, and operational strategies for achieving API-driven success. The study also highlights how WSO2 API Manager enables enterprises to markedly reduce development times, lower costs, and enhance developer velocity.

Download the full study to discover how you can maximize the impact of your digital initiatives, including:

  • Five strategies for successfully starting an API management initiative
  • Five critical components for defining an effective API management strategy
  • Five considerations in optimizing technical delivery of APIs
  • Five pillars of implementing a complete API management platform

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Deutsche Bank
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