The Revolution in Military Affairs 2.0: Information Dominance and the Democratization of Information Technology

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The goal of transforming legacy, industrial age military organizations to agile, responsive information age forces has eluded much of the world’s defense organizations. Even in countries with large defense budgets, the perception of associated time and expense has often frustrated modernization efforts. As a result, military forces continue to operate in a manner emphasizing decomposition, specialization, hierarchical organization, process optimization, deconfliction, centralized planning/decentralized execution and to organize in a manner that creates capability and information silos and promotes the acquisition of noninteroperable combat and information systems. All of this results in forces that are less and less capable of addressing 21st century security requirements. This white paper describes benefits gained by:

  • Transforming industrial age forces to information age forces
  • Pushing power to the edge
  • Promoting self-synchronization
  • Adopting open-source software in general
  • Adopting open source middleware in particular