Launch of WSO2 API Cloud Further Democratizes Enterprise API Management

Public cloud version of 100% open source WSO2 API Manager lets customers gain full API management functionality at all subscription levels, right-sizing the solution for their needs

Mountain View, CA and London, UK – June 1, 2015 – Managed APIs are at the heart of enterprise strategies for growing revenues and increasing efficiency by expanding processes and services to customers, partners, and other groups within the organization. Today, WSO2 is further democratizing the ability for organizations of all sizes to implement rich, enterprise-class API management with the production launch of WSO2 API Cloud at WSO2 API Cloud was launched in conjunction with WSO2Con Europe 2015, WSO2’s eighth user conference, which runs June 1-3, 2015 at the Park Plaza Victoria in London.

WSO2 API Cloud is the public cloud service based on the award-winning, 100% open source WSO2 API Manager, which has been implemented by Global 1000 companies and governments around the world. Significantly with WSO2 API Cloud, customers at every subscription level gain access to all of WSO2’s comprehensive API management functionality. As a result, enterprises have immediate access to a complete API platform as a service (PaaS), right-sized for their current demands and backed by the power to scale as their needs grow.

“For years, WSO2 technology has been used by some of the world’s largest enterprises as a cornerstone of their API management strategies,” said Dmitry Sotnikov, WSO2 vice president – cloud. “With the production launch of our WSO2 API Cloud, we are combining this comprehensive and proven functionality with the ease and agility of instant cloud provisioning. In doing so, it represents another major milestone in our commitment to democratizing the availability of world-class API management for individual developers, companies, and government organizations of any size.”

WSO2 API Cloud for Robust API Management

WSO2 API Cloud is WSO2’s hosted public cloud version of WSO2 API Manager, the first 100% open source API management product to combine easy, managed API access with full API governance and analysis. With WSO2 API Cloud, organizations can expose business capabilities as managed APIs and provides off-the-shelf potential for advertising and selling business APIs. Key components of WSO2 API Cloud include API Publisher, API Store, API Gateway, and API Analytics.

API Publisher provides complete API lifecycle governance—from creating to publishing, deprecating and retiring APIs. It enables users to easily publish APIs, share documentation, provision API keys, and gather feedback on APIs, including their features, quality and usage.

API Store offers an intuitive consumer-like online store where users can discover APIs and learn about their functionality, subscribe to APIs, evaluate these APIs via ratings and comments, and interact with API publishers.

API Gateway serves to secure, protect, manage and scale API calls. It is built on the same WSO2 technology used by enterprises around the world, including a Global 1000 company handling 1 billion-plus API calls per day.

API Analytics, used in combination with metrics from API Gateway, support decision-making and serve to enforce service-level agreement (SLA) policies. A dashboard allows API publishers and consumers alike to analyze API subscriptions, usage and performance.

Availability and Support

WSO2 API Cloud is available today at WSO2 offers five main subscription levels, which all provide full functionality, including a custom URL and theme for the API Store:

  • Getting Started – $100 per month: supports up to 100 user accounts, 10 transactions per second (TPS), and 250,000 API calls per day.
  • Getting Traction – $250 per month: supports up to 2,000 user accounts, 25 TPS, and 700,000 API calls per day.
  • Medium – $700 per month: supports up to 7,000 user accounts, 70 TPS, and 2 million API calls per day.
  • Large – $3,000 per month: supports unlimited user accounts, 300 TPS, and 10 million API calls per day.
  • Extra-Large – $10,000 per month: supports unlimited user accounts, 1,000 TPS, and 50 million API calls per day.

Enterprises requiring a customized plan can email [email protected]. In all plans, WSO2 API Cloud subscribers can exceed the daily API call limit for just $5 for 10,000 API calls.

For users who want to evaluate WSO2 API Cloud, WSO2 offers a two-week free trial that supports up to 10 user accounts and 10 TPS; custom URLs and themes are not available with the trial version.

About WSO2

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