WSO2 Integration Agile

Many integration projects today follow waterfall or semi-agile approaches that can slow down enterprise agility. In response, WSO2 has developed organizational, project management, and technical consulting expertise to help IT organizations transform integration and development projects to a more efficient and scalable continuous agile approach.

Based on the WSO2 Methodology for Agility, and the WSO2 Reference Architecture for Agility, this consultative workshops and services are designed for digitally driven organizations wanting to become more integration agile. Our approach focuses on people, process and technology, and can include an initial assessment, a methodology for increasing agility, together with implementation services around increasing agility and digital alignment. Elements include:

  • Onsite assessment workshop
  • Organizational change management advice
  • Agile integration process improvement
  • Education around agile integration, measurement and architecture

Each engagement can be tailored to a customer’s current state, goals and desired outcomes.

Services include:


A planning session with the key executives responsible for the digital transformation strategy to define the scope of the assessment.


An engagement to identify the organization’s current state based on the WSO2 Maturity Model for Agility; set goals; provide recommendations on people and culture, process, technology, and architecture; and complete a digital alignment review.

Transformation engagement:

Professional services aimed at executing the plan, which can include a combination of consulting on architecture, business and operations; Quick Start and development services.

Post-engagement checkpoint(s):

Strategic and architecture checkpoint meetings to review and iterate the transformation.

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