API Management the Kubernetes Way

Extends Kubernetes with enterprise-grade API management in ways that your developers and platform engineers will love. No hoops, no complications, just all normal Kubernetes managed by kubectl. 100% open source.

Built with Kubernetes Community Standards

Leverage the power of Envoy Proxy, the CNCF API Gateway specification, and other CRDs.


Powered by Envoy Proxy

Envoy Proxy, loved and used by the Kubernetes community, is a high-performance, open source edge and service proxy written in C++. WSO2 APK extends Envoy to a full API gateway.

CNCF API Gateway Compliant

A standard interface for configuring and operating API gateways, regardless of the underlying implementation. This simplifies the API management process for developers and DevOps teams and abstracts away low-level details of API gateway runtime configurations.

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CRDs for Full API Management

Extends Kubernetes’ fundamental abstractions to the API world by implementing custom resources for APIs, backends, applications, subscriptions, and policies.

Develop Robust APIs Easily

Developer friendly, standards compliant API management using familiar tools.

Fast Start with OAS

Take OpenAPI specifications and generate all the Kubernetes artifacts to manage the service as an API.

Unified Configuration

Developers can declaratively set and control APIs alongside other configurations, streamlining the YAML definitions and enhancing readability.

Work Your Way

Create and manage APIs through intuitive UIs or use familiar Kubernetes configurations and command line tools.

Streamlined Operations and Deployment

Flexible deployment, efficient resource utilization, and agile microservices for seamless API management.

Run Where You Need

Deploy on any Kubernetes-based infrastructure. WSO2 APK provides more flexibility and portability. Deploy and run on an on-premises self-managed Kubernetes cluster, cloud Kubernetes cluster, or any Kubenetes flavor managed by mega cloud vendors.

Manage APIs as Kubernetes Artifacts

With WSO2 APK, APIs are just Kubernetes artifacts. Manage them using your familiar K8s tool chain.

Agile Microservice Architecture

WSO2 APK is designed with a decentralized architecture. Each service performs a specific function and can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. This enables agility, scalability, and easier maintenance.

Consistent and Efficient Observability

Harness Kubernetes native features for comprehensive monitoring.


Utilize native logging and tracing features of Kubernetes to provide powerful insights. WSO2 APK enables easy collection, aggregation, indexing, searching, and distributed tracing of logs and messages from gateways.

Monitor Everything

Build a centralized dashboard in your tool of choice to monitor usage across different clusters or regions such as the US, EU, and Asia. Get a central view of performance, errors, usage metrics, and logs from APK, Kubernetes, and other sources.

Use Your Favorite Observability Tools

WSO2 APK produces logs and metrics that easily integrate with Kubernetes ecosystem observability tools like Elasticsearch and Jaeger using the Kubernetes API, DaemonSet, and StatefulSet.

Scale and Run Your Business Where You Need To

Optimal API management with seamless scalability, enhanced governance, and clustered deployment.

Effortless Cloud Native Scaling

Seamlessly managing APIs within Kubernetes environments, WSO2 APK guarantees optimal performance, empowering businesses to confidently embrace the dynamic growth of modern digital landscapes.

Loosely Coupled Control and Data Planes

Create, deploy, and manage APIs with Kubernetes tooling with just the data plane. Use the control plane for enhanced governance, developer portals, and intuitive UIs for those not familiar with command lines in Kubernetes.

Fits Your Business

Deliver multi-cloud or multi-region API management wherever you deploy your clusters. WSO2 APK can be deployed across different clusters and namespaces supporting internal/external, hybrid, and regional deployments.

Enhanced API Governance with WSO2 API Manager Integration

WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 APK combine for robust API management. WSO2 API Manager offers governance, security, and management, while WSO2 APK provides a scalable data plane.

Enhanced API Management

WSO2 API Manager now extends its capabilities as a control plane to seamlessly integrate with WSO2 APK’s data plane within your Kubernetes environment.

Optimized Development and Deployment

Enjoy seamless management on the control plane and cloud-optimized deployments with WSO2 APK in Kubernetes.

Flexibility and Choice

This integration combines WSO2 API Manager's control plane with WSO2 APK's data plane in Kubernetes, broadening its user base to developers, infrastructure managers, and API architects.

Next-Gen API Capabilities with GraphQL

GraphQL support in WSO2 APK lets clients request specific data, reducing data transfer and improving response times.

Reduced Overfetching and Underfetching

Avoid REST API drawbacks like over-fetching or under-fetching data with GraphQL. Developers can now retrieve only necessary data, streamlining code for better efficiency.

Simpler and More Maintainable Code

GraphQL eliminates complex, chained API calls, simplifying front-end development and reducing maintenance.

Attract and Empower the GraphQL Community

With GraphQL, WSO2 APK is tapping into a large developer community versed in efficient data retrieval. Developers utilize GraphQL for streamlined data requests, simplifying logic, and managing complex data structures.