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Log Access in API Cloud

One of the most exciting features of the updated API Cloud is access to logs. Now when one of your APIs or prototypes is not working as expected you can check out the logs and see what is going on.

Now if you need to troubleshoot an API issue simply do the following:

1. In API Cloud’s Publisher interface, on the Configure menu, click Admin Dashboard:

Admin Dashboard menu

2. In Admin Dashboard’s left-hand menu, navigate to Log Analyzer / Live Log Viewer:

Admin Dashboard log viewer

3. Now invoke the API or prototype that you are troubleshooting.

4. Go back to the Log Viewer and see the errors that the log got (in my particular case on the screenshot below, it was API authentication failed):

API invocation error in Log Viewer

With this new feature, it has just become easier to troubleshoot your APIs and make them work flawlessly.

Happy API development!

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