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Upcoming API Cloud upgrade: Oct 23-24, 2016

This coming Sunday, October 23, 2016, we will be upgrading WSO2 API Cloud to API Manager 2.0.

Upcoming upgrade will bring multiple improvements and new feature including beautiful responsive user interface and direct log access.

Here’s quick information about the maintenance window and impact:

Start time: 23rd October 2030 PDT
End time: 24th October 0530 PDT

Expected impact:

  • API Publisher and API Store web UIs will be on maintenance.
  • Your published APIs will continue functioning as normal.
  • There is a possibility of some data loss in statistics for API calls made during the upgrade.
  • All your data including configuration, APIs, subscribers and so on will be migrated automatically.
  • The only required migration from your side would be your custom theme in API Store (Developer Portal). It can be pre-migrated by you to avoid impact on your subscriber community. Please contact API Cloud support if you need to do that but have not received the instructions yet.

API Cloud 2.0 Developer Portal



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