10 Dec, 2020 | 3 min read

13 Years of CIAM: A Note from the PMM

  • Ishara Naotunna
  • Product Marketing Manager - IAM - WSO2

I promise you I will not make this a blog of “unprecedented times”, how we were “resilient,” or how we navigated “the new normal”. However, 2020 is coming to a close and WSO2 Identity Server is turning 13 today. At this point, we will celebrate everything we can. 

Today, we’re celebrating over a decade of securing customer and employee identities and building CIAM solutions that kept our customers agile.

Here are some highlights from 2020.

Go Passwordless

We’re bullish that authentication will need to continue to be more seamless and user friendly. So we added passwordless authentication to WSO2 Identity Server. We ensured this is something you can do within minutes so users can sign in with a FIDO device, fingerprint, or face ID. To learn more about passwordless, watch this video.

The Unveiling of “My Account”

Your end-users want to manage their information seamlessly and securely when using your products and services. This is a key part in Customer IAM. Our self care portal helps users to update their profile, set account recovery preferences, update strong authentication preferences, manage consents, passwords and more. You can read more about this here.

An All-New Console

Based on React UIs, we redid the console [Beta] so you can easily manage features and create applications based on templates. Additionally, we also added Android, Java and .Net SDKs to help integrate with applications. This elevates the overall developer experience, which aligns with our vision of providing a dev-centric IAM solution. If you want to watch a demo, head over here.

Recognition from Forrester

In the recently published The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity Access Management, Q4 2020, WSO2 Identity Server was named a Strong Performer. According to the report, regarding WSO2, “User administration, consent management, authentication, self-service, and business system integration are strong. Role-based access control for admins, passwordless authentication, forgotten user ID recovery, and notification management and dashboarding are also strong.” You can read more about it on this blog.

An Overall Leader in CIAM

“WSO2 has a good reputation in IAM and is quickly expanding in the CIAM market as they add features”. KuppingerCole Analysts named us an Innovation Leader, Product Leader, and an Overall Leader in their latest CIAM report. Some of the highlights included offering good authentication capabilities, being highly scalable and excellent support for open standards. You read the report here.

Growth in 2020

We now have over 700 customers! This year, some notable brands including Amore Pacific, CyraCom, Royal Commission for Riyadh City Epsilon, Grobank, Group, LAWDP, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Library adopted WSO2 Identity Server for their IAM requirements.

Launched #Identityin15 and #IAMforDevelopers

We wanted to be able to share tips and bite-sized videos on how you can easily implement WSO2 Identity Server features so we started #identityin15, where we present live demos twice a month. We also started our online meetups in April so that developers can easily join at a timezone convenient for them. So far, we have 2000+ developers and counting. Here’s a link to our YouTube playlist.

2021 holds grander plans for WSO2 Identity Server, especially on our journey to make IAM more developer-friendly so our customers can be even more agile and efficient. Do watch this space for more updates.

Kudos to our awesome team for making this happen and thank you all for supporting us!