January 22, 2020
3 min read

WSO2 API Cloud: 2019 Flashback

Image credits: C Dustin on Unsplash

While we're full of plans to introduce exciting new features and enhancements to WSO2 API Cloud in 2020, we thought it would be good to look back and recap the highlights of 2019.

A host of new features and enhancements

We started 2019 by introducing the following new features and enhancements to WSO2 API Cloud:

  • Improved hybrid API management features to cater to the increased demand for hybrid API management. For more details, see our documentation on hybrid API Management.
  • Labels to group APIs and support to deploy grouped APIs via microgateways. For more details, read the documentation on deploying grouped APIs using a microgateway.
  • Enhancements to API analytics.
 To learn about the real-time API analytics capabilities that we provide, take a look at our documentation on WSO2 API Cloud Analytics.
  • A REST API to retrieve API statistics. For details on the new analytics REST API, read our blog on Retrieving API Statistics with WSO2 Cloud Analytics REST API.
  • A REST API to download logs. For details, see log download API.
  • Revamped UIs that allow you to do the following in addition to customizing the Gateway and API Store domains:
    • Configure custom domains for publishers and admin portals.
    • Configure custom domains for multiple gateway regions.
    • Configure multiple custom domains for the same gateway.

For more details on custom domain-related enhancements, read the blog on Improved User Experience to Customize WSO2 API Cloud Domains.

White paper on hybrid API management

Our white paper, Hybrid API Management: Run Your API Gateways Anywhere, was one of the most read white papers and was made available in both English and Portuguese due to popular demand. Do take a look at the white paper to understand why and when you should consider a hybrid API management solution.

Webinar where you can see WSO2’s hybrid API management capabilities in action

Our on-demand webinar has been useful to all those interested in WSO2’s fully fledged, easy to use hybrid API management solution which supports the best of both cloud and on-premises API management.

A new approach to pricing

By mid-year, we rolled out a new flexible pricing model for WSO2 API Cloud. With the new pricing model, all the features are made available to all customers and the pricing is based only on API call volume. Take a look at our new pricing plans here.

Gateway expansion to Singapore

So far, we’ve been supporting regional gateways in the US East, US West, Sydney, Brazil, EU (Ireland), and EU (Frankfurt). In 2019 we expanded to Singapore to meet our customer demands.

Doubled the volume of API calls processed

With the increased customer trust we've gained over the years, more and more customers are on-boarding their production APIs to WSO2 API Cloud. As a result of this, we’ve doubled the volume of API calls we process during a month.

A buyer’s guide for anyone evaluating API management SaaS solutions

Towards the end of the year, we published A Buyer's Guide to API Management SaaS, which is a good read that can help anyone evaluating an API management SaaS to make an informed decision. This evaluation guide was published as a white paper on our website and you can download it here for free.

With all these interesting new features, white papers, and webinars, it’s been an amazing year for WSO2. Thank you for being a part of it!