Jumpstart Your
Cloud Migration Journey

Jumpstart your cloud transformation journey in just a few weeks with WSO2’s cloud migration program. Our cloud native software makes it easy to make the leap.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we will either lift-and-shift to WSO2’s cloud native platforms or create a private cloud operated by WSO2. We can also provide a hybrid of on-premises, private cloud, and full SaaS deployment options.

Jumpstart Your Cloud Migration Journey
Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration Program

How the WSO2 Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration Program Works

With our cloud migration program, you can easily move your IT operations to the cloud in just a matter of weeks.

Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration Program

Benefits of Cloud Migration

WSO2’s lift-and-shift cloud migration program helps to rapidly and securely move your on-premise APIs, integrations, and identities to the cloud and provide a SaaS experience.​​ The lift-and-shift approach provides many added benefits including:

  • Fast, easy migration
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Guaranteed deployment
  • Automated updates, CI/CD, performance tuning, and more
  • Zero trust environment
  • Enhanced agility and rapid innovation
Benefits of Cloud Migration
WSO2 Cloud Migration Pricing

WSO2 Cloud Migration Pricing

Learn how cost-effective your cloud migration can be with WSO2, all available with a single subscription.

WSO2 Cloud Migration Pricing

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