Customer Stories

Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK) is a water management authority in the Netherlands which partially relies on citizens’ taxes to carry out its important work. Working together with WSO2 Partner Yenlo, HHNK created an online tax portal using WSO2’s integration platform.

The need to reduce costs, improve efficiency and transparency, and facilitate a simpler tax payment process for Dutch citizens led to the creation of this portal.

HHNK has made some big cost savings through the portal. Telephone calls have reduced by 25%, saving them around €40,000 a year due to the presence of the online statement of accounts. They have managed to save about €350,000 a year on hiring costs through the reduction of internal resources, and lower banking costs as a result of direct online transfers. Overall, HHNK has experienced a total cost reduction between €400,000 to €600,000 a year.

Why WSO2?

By using WSO2, we have become more flexible and created wins for our residents, employees, and for HHNK. We will continue to innovate with WSO2.”
Michel Zwart, Enterprise Architect at HHNK.
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