Customer Stories


  • The new platform has enabled Karnataka Bank to reduce turnaround times and improve the quality of customer service as intended. The bank automated and modernized approximately 80% of its processes.
  • The bank also achieved the goal of significantly lowering turnaround times; customer banking services are now accomplished in 4-20 minutes. Furthermore, an estimated 400 savings accounts have been opened, nearly US $80 million worth of loans approved, and fully integrated banking services are now available to a total customer base of over 11 million.
  • The platform now provides the foundation from which Karnataka Bank can offer more digital services by integrating better with its partner ecosystem. The bank has plans to integrate its sales associates and partner organizations into the digital ecosystem, integrate payments with partners in the insurance industry, and combine its credit card services with those of partner credit card vendors.
  • (Case study contributors: Rohitha Liyanagama and Vidura Gamini Abhaya from WSO2, Exzatech, and Karnataka Bank)

Our vision was to transform Karnataka Bank’s customer-facing touchpoints by modernizing and automating a host of processes that were crucial towards achieving their corporate goals. Partnering with WSO2 on this ensured that we had the muscle to match the mission. With legacy technology impediments being dispelled and advanced capabilities ushered in, the new platform is freeing bank employees to engage creatively while providing customers the responsiveness and nimbleness they want. Enterprise agility, management buy-in, and imbibing a digital culture were just some of the key achievements of this successful digital transformation.”

Anantha Raghava, CEO and founder of Exzatech

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