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The platform has a standard method of identifying and authenticating user entities, which has aided in the rapid evolution of the MirAle platform and the provision of improved customer experiences to end-users.

MirAle has been able to register and manage various application entities as service providers in WSO2 Identity Server, as well as manage the lifecycle of OAuth tokens with various expiry times and policies based on platform requirements. It is now simple to introduce a new digital application channel, and its user identification and security can be controlled independently.

MirAle has now developed more than ten categories of IoT-enabled products using this solution, as well as expanded the business by offering MirAIe as a platform as a service with multiple tenants. This year, the organization plans to introduce more product categories. WSO2 Identity Server manages hundreds of thousands of user identities and thousands of concurrent users and devices connected to the platform simultaneously.

WSO2 Identity Server helped Panasonic India to create and manage administrative users, claims, OAuth service providers, and tenants through a simple user interface. It also includes scripts for token cleanup automation. Overall, the effort required for operation and maintenance is minimal.

WSO2 support remained a critical success factor in the project's implementation. Even amid a global pandemic, the support team scheduled security architecture reviews and developer workshops to kickstart the implementation process. The team suggested architectural features such as social login and performance enhancements including multi-attribute password-based login.

Our IoT Cloud Architecture, which intends to onboard and control millions of IoT equipped devices, relies heavily on WSO2 Identity Server. It is a true open source software that provided us with the much-needed momentum to quickly build user authentication services and bring our platform to market early without implementation challenges. We were able to deploy crucial APIs with minimal latency given the architecture recommendations and product optimizations. Its multi-tenancy support aids us in developing an IoT platform-as-a-service for our corporate customers."

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