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WSO2 API Manager is now a critical component for delivering new functionality in a consistent manner, both internally and for SACEM members, clients, and partners.

A specialized WSO2 API management and integration team aid in the efficient publication and consumption of APIs. While reusable API architecture typically necessitates additional work, using WSO2 API Manager is beneficial to future projects by allowing the company to quickly subscribe and test APIs.

A recent example to highlight the ease of API deployment and security stems from the beginning of the pandemic.

During the COVID pandemic, the music industry was heavily hit, and SACEM members' live events were canceled. As a result, many of them resorted to continue sharing their work, broadcasting concerts or DJ sets online.

SACEM set up an exceptional supplemental distribution of royalties, specifically geared to the broadcasting of live streams, to respond to this unique predicament.

WSO2 API Manager helped in the creation and deployment of essential APIs in a short amount of time, allowing members to declare their live streams and SACEM internal systems to process them.

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