Customer Stories


  • TWG now has a resilient integration platform that is able to elastically scale in a cost-effective manner. This has enabled TWG to meet their goals pertaining to isolation, scalability, resilience, and automation.
  • Each team’s solutions are now deployed in isolation, so that in the case of an issue there is no impact across teams.
  • Services now operate with no, or minimal, downtime as new containers are deployed before old ones are stopped.
  • Patches, servers, and maintenance are no longer worries for the team at TWG.
  • Shorter onboarding times for new teams - 2 hours nowadays compared to the 3 - 5 days needed for building a new environment previously.
  • Elasticity too has improved - it now also takes a mere 60 seconds to scale up pods and 300 seconds to scale up nodes.
  • (Case study contributors: Dassana Wijesekara and David Hymers from WSO2 and The Warehouse Group)

Containerizing WSO2 has allowed us to take our existing WSO2 platform and easily scale it to meet demand and improve resiliency. This has all been done whilst being cloud agnostic, thereby affording us flexibility in our cloud strategy going forward.”

Tim Duly, GM engineering at The Warehouse Group

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