Customer Stories


  • Ten Fuel deployed digital forms and digital signature solutions rapidly and efficiently using Consist’s and WSO2's integrated solutions.
  • The solution connects the company's databases and numerous enterprise core systems to the digital forms and signature systems seamlessly, providing a superior customer service experience.
  • The solution provides businesses with a tool that allows them to track and monitor all sign-in procedures, as well as better evaluate the performance of each and every station within the network.
  • WSO2 API Manager establishes the architecture for future planned operations with interfaces to other enterprise systems - all without writing a single line of code, lowering costs, and additional resource requirements.
  • All Consist clients can benefit from a fully integrated system thanks to a WSO2 software OEM agreement. Consist can disseminate WSO2 technology through the tailored commercial and licensing strategy for a repeatable business. Integrating WSO2 components into a solution will free up internal resources for building a superior product.

WSO2’s API Enterprise Integrator and API Manager products are integrated as OEMs in Consist's digital systems - PB Digital – a system for designing, creating and distributing smart digital forms and documents, and Doxi – an advanced digital signature system. Both systems are used by hundreds of leading organizations in Israel, Europe and the US. WSO2’s API Integration products enable us to provide our customers with fast and highly efficient interfaces between a variety of organizational systems. They accelerate digital transformation and digital workflow processes in a wide range of organizational operations, such as sales and marketing, logistics and procurement, human resources and many others. Thanks to WSO2’s Low Code/No code API integration technology, Consist’s customers are able to easily implement interfaces between their various enterprise systems, such as CRMs, ERPs, HR systems, payroll and logistics systems, and to efficiently make all essential updates and adjustments without having to execute expensive development and testing processes. WSO2’s API integration products provide great added value by enabling our customers to significantly save time and resources and to streamline, track and manage a wide range of organizational processes. These benefits ultimately lead to minimized costs and increased profits. ”

Ofir Grinner, Director of the DCCM Division, Consist

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