This is more of a general service registration question.

How do I upload a WSDL that imports/includes and external schema in WSO2 Registry for that matter in any registry? I understand that the "import/include" is a dependency relationship but, when I load the WSDL with an import/include, I get the following error"


Failed to put resource /authenticate_.wsdl. All database operations will be rolled back. WSDLException (at /definitions/types/xsd:schema): faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at 'authenticate.xsd', relative to 'file:/C:/Users/RAMMUN~1/AppData/Local/Temp/reg52479.bin'.: java.io.FileNotFoundException: This file was not found: file:/C:/Users/RAMMUN~1/AppData/Local/Temp/authenticate.xsd

 whats the best way to deal with this issue? has any one tried this in the past?


thanx in advance