A Smooth Pathway for Connected Products

Build out the vision for your connected product. Set up a prototyping environment instantly. Test and develop to scale up to commercial production. Expose an API to power a mobile app allowing users to monitor and control their devices. Expose an API to ecosystem developers to help your device play well with others.

Real Open Source

Get started immediately without tedious licensing or legal reviews. Avoid locking your fortunes to that of a single vendor. Leverage flexibility to take the product in new directions. Preserve full flexibility to commercialize your products. Join our community and contribute to the project.

Ultimate Adaptability

Leverage a multitude of control options and extension points - model your devices or get started with our models for Rpi, Arduino, and more. Enroll, manage, and define policies for Android, iOS or Windows. Predict and respond in real time. Integrate with your existing identity system, or use ours. Automate or provide new UX with full API control of all functions.

Enterprise Grade

Trust our platform that’s battle-tested in Global 2000 companies worldwide, handling billions of mission-critical transactions every day. WSO2 has been trusted for more than a decade by companies on the leading edge of digital transformation.

Beyond the Basics

Build value and new digital products on your IoT with our complete package. Expose APIs to your internal innovation teams, to an outside developer ecosystem, or to your mobile apps. Integrate these APIs with other systems. Introduce federated identity and multi-factor authentication. Build intelligent decision making that spans IoT and other data sets.

Smart Analytics

Perform blazing fast real-time analysis of IoT data streams with WSO2 streaming analytics, identifying complex patterns and kicking off alerts and initiating responsive actions. Scenarios range from security monitoring, predictive maintenance, user behavior to SLA enforcement - let your imagination run wild!

Edge Computing

Deploy lightweight streaming analytics on the edge or a local gateway to optimize network traffic, implement disconnected modes, summarize and respond to local conditions, and more.

Android Specialists

Pair our open source IoT platform with an open source operating system, such as Android, to get a power combination. Supports local gateway patterns, kiosk mode, and more.

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