[WSO2Con Asia 2014] Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience

  • By WSO2Con Asia 2014
  • 25 Mar, 2014

The BYOD trend has become a hot topic given that it’s now a compliance and security nightmare for IT managers worldwide. It may offer increased productivity and flexibility for employees, but once you decentralize corporate networks and documents, security will always be a major concern. Now enterprises need to figure out ways this can be achieved, what software is available, and pick a suitable vendor based on features that would meet the enterprise’s long-term requirements and connected business strategy needs. These requirements are two-fold; security concerns for the enterprise, and privacy and user experience concerns for users. This talk focuses on how enterprises can adopt a BYOD program without compromising security and without disturbing the privacy and user-experience of the user.

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Sinnathamby Shanmugarajah Director, Architecture, WSO2

Shan specializes in mobile technology with over 10 years of experience in that field. He has a strong background in telecommunication software development and is a hardcore coder in Android and iOS platforms. He also lectures in advanced Android and iOS application development. Prior to joining WSO2, he was working as the CTO/Director of Microimage Mobile Media for almost 15 years. He played a key role in engineering products where Microimage has won many local and international awards. He is also a Typographist and a specialist in local languages and font technologies. He worked as an external consultant to Microsoft, Sri Lanka and ICTA, Sri Lanka.