[WSO2Con Asia 2014] How WSO2 Cloud Accelerates Development

  • By WSO2Con Asia 2014
  • 25 Mar, 2014
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How long does one of your developers take to complete developing an application starting from scratch? How many requests does he/she make for various things needed even to start working on it? How many people would need to get involved to fulfill those requests? How much of infrastructure would you need to buy, which might become useless in the future? How many different environments do you need to maintain until the application goes into production? And, one more … how would you govern the development process? This talk explains WSO2 Cloud’s ability to solve your problems in application, integration, and API, and how it can accelerate the development flow of your organization.



Amila Maha Arachchi Senior Technical Lead, WSO2

Amila is a Senior Technical Lead who leads the Cloud team at WSO2. In addition to his development efforts, Amila also has provided technology consulting on customer engagements including customer QuickStart programs.Prior to joining WSO2, Amila was involved in developing value added services for mobile operators and specialized in Java at this time. Amila is also an active contributor to the Apache Synapse project of the Apache Software Foundation.