[WSO2Con Asia 2014] Nurturing Applications in a Connected Enterprise

  • By WSO2Con Asia 2014
  • 26 Mar, 2014

In a connected business, IT can become a more agile business-enabler with cloud based technologies by providing faster time-to-market and enhanced visibility into the performance, adoption, usage and value of applications. This session takes you through WSO2 App Factory, a multi-tenant, elastic, and self-service enterprise platform that supports applications from cradle to grave; it enables multiple project teams to collaboratively create, run, and manage enterprise applications, while aiming to reduce development time and cost, increasing collaboration and visibility.

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Dimuthu Leelarathne Software Architect, WSO2

Dimuthu focuses on cloud technologies, the WSO2 Carbon Framework, and WSO2 Identity Server at WSO2. She is an expert in Java and Java-related technologies, and was an initial team member of the Axis-Mora project, in which she oversaw the de-serialization process of the project. She is an Apache committer and a member of the Axis2 Project Management Committee; she has also contributed to the Apache Rampart and WSS4J projects. In addition, Dimuthu has conducted several WSO2 technical webinars and has published numerous technical articles and tutorials.