19 Feb, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] Closing Keynote: Iterative Architecture - A Pragmatic Approach to Digital Transformation

  • Aaron Segaram
  • marketing Intern - WSO2

"Think big, act small" - It's easy to develop a vision, but the path to achieve it from wherever you are right now often has many technical and non-technical barriers. WSO2, as an open source technology provider, helps many enterprises transform to provide better digital experiences to consumers, both internally and externally. In this closing keynote Asanka shares his experiences as a consultant and evangelist of digital transformation, and discuss a practical implementation model using an iterative approach.


Asanka Abeysinghe, VP – Solutions Architecture, WSO2

Asanka spearheads the company’s customer facing technical tasks and oversees the solution architecture and technical sales functions. He also provides consulting to key WSO2 customers and conducts workshops specifically targeted at enterprise architects and technical managers. Asanka has over 15 years of industry experience, which include implementing projects ranging from desktop and web applications through to highly scalable distributed systems and SOAs in the financial domain, mobile platforms, and business integration solutions.


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  • Aaron Segaram
  • marketing Intern
  • WSO2