22 Mar, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] Cloud as a Delivery Channel

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Cloud is more than just a set of virtual machines running in someone else's datacenter. Cloud is increasingly being the way for enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation. This session will focus on

  • The specifics of WSO2's cloud-first strategy
  • WSO2's public roadmap and the scenarios we are looking to empower in the cloud
  • Partner role in the cloud world
  • Success stories of customers that picked cloud delivery for WSO2 technologies
  • Presenter

    Dmitry Sotnikov, Vice President – Cloud, WSO2

    In his role, Dmitry oversees WSO2’s Cloud solutions and drives efforts to develop and enhance capabilities. Prior to WSO2, Dmitry worked at Quest Software (now part of Dell) as a Director of Cloud Solutions, and later co-founded Jelastic PaaS and led Jelastic’s sales, marketing, customer and partner relationships. He has been a featured speaker at multiple industry events including Microsoft TechEd, VMware VMWorld, Parallels Summit, Quest Innovate, and Technology Experts Conference (TEC).


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