Customizable Workflows for WSO2 API Manager - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

  • By Kushlani De Silva
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  • 4 Mar, 2014
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APIs are the Gateway of your business to the outside world. Governing actions happening around APIs have become an integral part of any business dealing with APIs. WSO2's API Management platform offers the capability of integrating your API Management infrastructure with powerful business processes that even involve human interactions.

You now have the capability of crafting your API management platform to blend into your day to day business practices. The WSO2 API Manager, integrated with the WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS), provides a complete and flexible environment for integrating business workflows for your APIs.

This webinar will talk about

  • Understanding the workflow integration capabilities of the WSO2 API Manager.
  • Integrating business workflows with the WSO2 API Manager.
  • Tweaking business processes to cater to organizational requirements.
  • Customizing existing workflows and extending their functionality.
Ruwan Yatawara Software Engineer Ruwan joined WSO2 in March 2013. He is a senior software engineer in the WSO2 API Manager team. In addition to his product development efforts he is an active contributor to the Apache Synapse project. He is also fluent in the use of GWT, AJAX, JSP, Javascript, Struts, Spring, Ant, Oracle 10g and Weblogic 9.2 technologies.
Nuwan Dias Senior Software Engineer Nuwan joined WSO2 in October 2011. He is a software engineer in the solutions technologies team where he mainly focuses on the WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 ESB. Nuwan has also participated in numerous WSO2 QuickStart development consulting engagements. Nuwan is an active contributor of the Apache Synapse and Apache Axis2 projects. Additionally he has also been a speaker at the International Research Conference of Management and Finance. He has also successfully published a research paper on “M-CARD - A Mobile Framework for Cashless Financial Transactions” as a part of his final year research project.

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