5 Mar, 2020

Real-Time ETL in Practice with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

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Real-Time ETL in Practice with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

Thursday, March 05, 2020
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The availability of timely information and data are critical for modern enterprises. Delays in minutes are not acceptable for many cases and data needs to be available in realtime. However, legacy systems that can’t generate data streams that can be consumed in real-time still exist. These legacy systems emit their output as statics data stores such as files or DB tables. Integrating these static data sources in realtime is crucial and this is where real-time ETL comes into rescue.

In this webinar, we will explore how WSO2 Streaming Integrator can be used for real-time ETL with techniques such as change data capture and file streaming.


Ramindu De Silva Associate Technical Lead, WSO2
Ramindu De Silva

Ramindu is an Associate Technical Lead in the Integration team at WSO2. Prior to joining the Integration team, he worked in the Analytics team at WSO2 He has a bachelor’s degree in Science (specialized in Computer Science) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

Lasantha Samarakoon Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Lasantha Samarakoon

Lasantha is a senior software engineer of the WSO2 Streaming Integrator team which is a part of the WSO2 Integration stack. Prior to joining the integration team, he worked in the WSO2 Dashboard Server, Carbon/Platform and Analytics teams. He has a bachelor's degree in Science (in Information and Communication Technology) and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka.


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