5 May, 2020

Deploying GraphQL Services as Managed APIs

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Deploying GraphQL Services as Managed APIs

Tuesday, May 05, 2020
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GraphQL is an emerging query manipulation language for APIs. It is an open source runtime for querying and retrieving existing data in an optimal manner making applications more efficient. With the flexibility it offers over REST APIs, many organizations are now interested in and are adopting GraphQL applications widely.

While GraphQL focuses on what it does best, backend developers still worry about ensuring their GraphQL services are exposed in a secure, controlled, monitored, and sometimes, even in a monetized environment. This is where an API gateway is useful as the middle layer to provide a significant value to GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions.

This webinar will discuss the following:

  • An introduction to GraphQL
  • Why and when to use GraphQL APIs
  • Exposing GraphQL service as managed APIs: The necessity of an API Manager
  • Deploying a GraphQL service via WSO2 API Manager : Security, authentication, authorization, and rate-limiting
  • Invoking GraphQL APIs via the integrated GraphiQL UI in Developer Portal
  • GraphQL Analytics


Hiranya Abeyrathne Software Engineer, WSO2
Hiranya Abeyrathne

Hiranya Abeyrathne is a Software Engineer in the WSO2 API Manager team. She has designed and authored GraphQL API type into the WSO2 API Gateway. Hiranya has contributed to the product development of WSO2 API Manager, worked with numerous customers, and conducted training sessions.

Naduni Pamudika Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Naduni Pamudika

Naduni is a Senior Software Engineer at WSO2. She has been involved in numerous customer engagements, conferences, and provided consultancy for WSO2 customers over the last 3 years. Naduni currently focuses on WSO2 API Manager tooling development.


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