30 Jul, 2020

Monetize Your Open Banking APIs with Fintechs—Strategies & Live Demo

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Monetize Your Open Banking APIs with Fintechs — Strategies & Live Demo

Thursday, July 30, 2020
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In mature regulated open banking markets, all banks eventually end up with the same set of core standardized APIs. With most banks having long-since identified the importance of collaboration with consumer-centric agile fintechs to scale new financial products, it is increasingly difficult to secure a competitive advantage in this ecosystem.

Through this webinar, learn how banks could look to capitalize more on the API technology layer and supporting technology infrastructure they have invested in for open banking compliance, to attract and fast-track collaboration with the most promising fintechs, and even innovative startups from other industry verticals.

This webinar will cover:

  • Strategies based on API management, integration and API monetization to provide significantly valuable capabilities to fintech partners
  • Live demo of use cases using the WSO2 Open Banking solution based on these strategies
  • Best practices and frameworks to increase the business impact of your open banking solution when executing a collaborative strategy with fintechs to scale consumer-centric product innovation

Who should attend:

  • Open banking project leads
  • CxOs interested in maximizing the business impact of their open banking investment
  • Enterprise/Solutions architects looking to enable internal teams to collaborate with fintechs on rapidly prototyping and scaling new products


Vidura Gamini Abhaya Senior Director—Solutions Architecture, WSO2
Vidura Gamini Abhaya

Vidura is Senior Director—Solutions Architecture at WSO2. In his role he provides technical guidance to customers in architecting solutions based on their current and future needs, using the WSO2 platform. Prior to joining Solutions Architecture, he was Senior Director—Engineering and led the analytics, integration, platform, and financial solutions teams. He is an experienced technologist and an executive with over 15 years of global experience in the software industry covering many domains such as finance, logistics, aviation, and energy. He led the technical advisory for open banking projects in the EU and the UK and has also worked in the US and Australia.


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