Transforming User Experiences By Leveraging CIAM

Key Takeaways:


Frank Leymann is Named First WSO2 Technology Fellow

WSO2’s highest technical rank recognizes Frank Leymann for his extensive software innovations and their global impact

Securely Deploying Tomcat Server in a Read-Only File System in Kubernetes

Apache Tomcat usage and ramifications in WSO2 Asgardeo

Apache Tomcat is a popular application server that hosts Java Servlets and JSPs. Asgardeo uses Apache Tomcat to host its website component, which acts as a web server. 


Deploy Azure Logic Apps with API Connections Using the Layering Method with Terraform

Today, Terraform has become the go-to option for infrastructure as code (IaC) among developers for many reasons. It is an open-source solution with support from various cloud providers and uses the coder-friendly HCL syntax. Terraform is often preferred over other IaC options, such as AWS CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager, due to its flexibility, ease of use, and platform independence.


Breaking Barriers: Inspiring Women in Tech at WSO2


WSO2 NPS - Celebrating Customer Loyalty

At WSO2, our guiding principle is "treat people the way you want to be treated." This value is deeply ingrained in our company culture and is at the heart of everything we do - from creating products to engaging in transparent and honest communication with our customers.


WSO2 Partner Awards 2022: Creating Shared Success Quickly, Easily, and Securely!

The dawn of 2022 came with much hope, not just for the technology industry but for the entire world. Despite the pandemic's challenges, people and businesses had learned to coexist with it, and many countries had successfully defeated it in a variety of ways. Yet, there were challenges. Unstable markets, rising living costs, and political unrest forced businesses around the world to cut back or control their spending and hiring processes.


CIAM Beyond Access Management - Is Your CIAM Program There Yet?

How mature is your CIAM program today, and how do you aspire to evolve it? We talk with many existing and prospective CIAM customers and have found a fairly rapid evolution in maturity over the last year. In fact, we’ve developed the WSO2 CIAM Maturity Model to discuss the various levels of maturity we see across the market. 


WSO2: Beyond the Fun and Frivolity, is a Culture of Tough Love

A couple of weeks ago, my two nephews (aged 11 and 7) were passing by the WSO2 office in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and dropped in to say hello. It was teatime, and the ground floor was abuzz with people taking a break to grab a snack and have a cuppa over chit-chat. At one end of the floor, a group of people were experimenting with the musical instruments set up for anyone to play and sing. The two kids (both budding musicians themselves - one learning to play drums, the other, piano) couldn’t have picked a better time to visit.


WSO2 Earns 5-Star Rating in 2023 CRN® Partner Program Guide

WSO2’s partner program awarded top rating for boosting partners’ long-term growth

Santa Clara, CA – March 27, 2023 –WSO2, the leader in digital transformation technology, has been recognized by CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, with a prestigious 5-star rating in its 2023 Partner Program Guide.