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The WSO2 Application Server platform, is the only enterprise-class platform for application hosting and enterprise integration that is completely open and agreed across the industry. Based on the concept of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Web services specifications support secure, reliable and transactional integration based on the concept of loose coupling, which is inherently scalable. Many vendors have "bolted on" support for Web services and XML to their existing proprietary product solutions. WSO2 has created a new platform that cuts out unnecessary layers, supporting the full WS-* stack in a simple, clean, lightweight model, making it easier to develop, deploy and run applications.

With WSO2 AppServer users can deploy, manage, monitor their web applications, directly from the AppServer management console. Coupled with identity integration in the Carbon platform, AppServer provides unified managing environment for administrators, to work with their web-application deployment as well as the web-services deployment

WSO2 AppServer is an application server for Web services. With its built in high-performance Web server, full support for XML, SOAP, WSDL, and support for reliable, secure communications, WSO2 AppServer makes it simple and effective to create, consume and manage Web services.

WSO2 AppServer supports most of the major components of the WS-* stack and provides an integrated runtime that is easy for developers and administrators to use.

WS-* Support

WSO2 AppServer brings together a number of open source projects into a single, seamless, easy-to-use offering. Instead of having to download the different parts of the Apache Web services stack separately and assemble them together, we have done that for you and offer you a single integrated package.

Open Source Components of WSO2 AppServer

WSO2 AppServer can be used in a number of different scenarios:

WSO2 AppServer is a fully open source product. WSO2 contributes to the Apache Software Foundation's Web services project through a combination of leading open source components. Together with our own integration code, WSO2 offers production quality open source software. All our integration code ? including the unified management console is available under the Apache Software License version 2.0.

New Features In This Release

The complete list of features is available in the Release Note.

WSO2 Application Server , Documentation

See the full list of documents with instructions on installation, administration, sample guides and how to use the tools packaged with WSO2 AppServer.

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