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Sample Guide - XslTransform

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doXslTransform(string, node-set, (string, object)*) function is used to perform XSLT transformations. So BPEL variable values can be transformed into different schemas.

For more details on input parameters, refer

Note : Required name spaces -

doXslTransform() should be defined under "" namespace.


Overall Idea

        bpws:doXslTransform("HelloXslWorld.xsl", $myVar.TestPart, 'middle', $otherVar)

In the above doXslTransform(), four parameters are passed.

Like this doXslTransform() accepts pairs of string and objects, so that they can be referred in the style sheet.

eg - in HelloXslWorld.xsl

<xsl:value-ofselect="concat(*/content/text(), $middle, ' World')"/>