WSO2 Carbon Studio Features

Carbon Studio contains many features. In this document we will give you a quick insight to what WSO2 Carbon Studio can do in WSO2 product wise.

Application Server Tools

  1. Create and Edit Apache Axis2 Web Service
    • Contract first (Top-down approach)
    • Code first (Bottom-up approach)
  2. Create WSDL for Apache Axis2 Web Service archive (aar file)
  3. Generate Web Service client
    • From aar file
    • From WSDL
  4. Create Axis2 RPC Message Receivers classes
  5. Web Applications
    • Create and edit Web applications
  6. Test and debug Apache Axis2 services and Web applications
  7. Deploy Apache Axis2 services and Web applications
  8. Deploy JAX-WS services

Enterprise Service Bus Tools

  1. View, Create and Edit
    • Endpoints
    • Proxy Services
    • Sequences
    • Local Entries
  2. Create custom mediators
  3. Registry Referencing
  4. Create sequences and endpoints as registry resources
  5. JBoss Smooks tools integration
  6. Test and debug custom mediators and other ESB artifacts
  7. Deploy custom mediators and other ESB artifacts
    • containing as hot deployable file
    • containing as registry resource

Governance Registry Tools

  1. Create and deploy registry resource artifacts
    • From a local file or a folder
    • Import from a registry or as a registry dump
  2. Create, edit, debug and deploy registry handlers, filters and registry aspects
  3. Creating registry resources through templates
  4. Upload WSDL resources to the registry as governance archives (GAR support)
  5. Registry Management
    • Working with a registry online
      • Adding multiple remote registries at once
      • View, add, edit and delete registry resources and collections
      • Import (drag-drop) resources from registry and file system
      • View, add, edit and delete Properties, Associations, Dependencies, Comments, Ratings and Tags
      • Modify permission of a resource or collection
      • Easily modify resources through configured Eclipse editors
      • Check-out registry content to Eclipse workspace
    • Working with a registry in the offline mode
      • Add resources in Eclipse workspace to the registry
      • Add, modify and delete checked-out resources in the workspace and commit the changes back
      • Sync the checked-out resources with the online registry
    • User Management
      • Add, modify and delete users
      • Add roles
      • Modify the permissions of a given role
      • Modify permission for a selected registry resource
      • Enable/disable actions and update icons based on permissions for registry resources for the specified user

Business Process Server Tools

  1. View, create and edit BPEL projects
  2. Test and deploy BPEL artifacts

Gadget Server Tools

  1. Create and edit gadgets
  2. Test and deploy gadget artifacts

Data Services Server Tools

  1. Create and edit data services (XML configurations)
  2. Create and edit data services validators
  3. Test and deploy data services artifacts and data services validators

Carbon Tools

  1. Create, edit, debug and deploy Carbon UI bundles
  2. Deploy third party libraries as bundles
  3. Allow creating the library artifact as a fragment bundle
  4. Adding WSO2 related libraries when developing applications

Carbon Studio Contribution Features

  1. Extensions to add custom proxy service templates
  2. Extensions to add registry resource templates
  3. Extensions to allow adding mediatype resolvers
  4. Extensions to specify new 3rd party libraries
  5. Extensions to specify resource providers for
    • Registry Resources
    • ESB Sequences
    • ESB Endpoints
    • ESB Local Entries

Apache Maven Support

  1. Carbon Archive
  2. ESB Sequences
  3. ESB Proxy Services
  4. ESB Endpoints
  5. ESB Local Entries
  6. Registry Resources