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The Mashup Server Web Console

This document describes the WSO2 Mashup Server Web Console, which is accessible through https://localhost:9443/carbon in a vanilla installation. The Web Console helps the user to perform several tasks based on the permissions he is given. The default permissions allow annonymous users to search, view and tryit all mashups. Users who are logged in can perform administrative tasks associated with creating and managing mashups.

mashup ui

The above shows the service listing of a vanilla installation (Once you've logged in, go to Manage > Services > List). It shows all available mashups together with links to WSDL 1.1, WSDL 2.0 and Try this service operation.

Mashup Page

The mashup/service page lists all resources associated with a mashup. It gives links to all resources that are associated with that mashup and also helps manage and edit the mashup.

The following resources of a mashup can be accessed from this page.

  1. Quality of Service configuration
    • Security
    • Policies
    • Reliable Messaging
    • Transports
    • Response Caching
    • Modules
    • Access Throttling
    • Operations
    • MTOM
    • Parameters
  2. Edit Mashup: Users can edit their services source, custom UI and gadget code.
  3. API Documentation: Displays the API Documentation for the service.
  4. Custom UI: If the service has a custom UI, then this link will be pointed to that. Otherwise the user will be redirected to the tryit page of the service.
  5. Source Code: Source code for this service.
  6. XML Schema: Schema definition for the service.
  7. Javascript(DOM) Stub: Javascript DOM stub, which is to be used under browser environment.
  8. Javascript(E4X) Stub: Javascript E4X stub, which is to be used to access a servie from a service.
  9. Javascript(E4X) Stub [localhost endpoints]: Javascript E4X stub with localhost endpoints, which is to be used to access a local service from a service.
mashup meta-data

Creating a New Mashup

The Web Console is capable of generating a skeleton Javascript service and a skeleton Custom UI for the user (A user should be logged in to perform this operation). Click the Create link which is located in the Manage > Services > Add > JavaScript Service > Create. When you enter a name for the new service, you will be taken to the edit mashup window. There you can do the necessary editing and save or cancel the changes depending on your preference. The new mashup will be listed as a service in a few seconds.

mashup meta-data

Editing Mashups

The Mashup Editor allows you to edit the source code, the Custom UI and the Google gadget of your Services and Mashups. You can launch the editor from service dashboard ("Edit Mashup" link under Specific Configuration listing). Once you have completed editing the service, you can Apply the changes (Saves the mashup and keeps you on the editor page), Save Changes (Takes you to the Service Listing page) or Discard the changes (No Mashup is created or changes will not be applied). The editor can also generate a Custom UI or a Google gadget skeleton for your mashup. This will serve as an easy starting point when developing a user interface for your mashup.

editing source

You can also use the editor to edit your custom UI and to generate a skeleton Google gadget.