Free Trial Subscription

  • Instantly experience the benefits of a WSO2 Subscription
  • Get the assistance you need to evaluate and adopt WSO2 products
  • Judge for yourself the value of becoming a WSO2 Subscriber

With a WSO2 Free Trial Subscription you can engage with WSO2 experts in a one-on-one relationship to achieve the business agility and reliability you seek from WSO2 technology. A subscription opens access to WSO2 Update, WSO2 Support, WSO2 Managed Cloud, and a variety of consulting services.

A free trial includes all benefits of a WSO2 Subscription, including:

  • Access to WSO2 Updates and WSO2 Update Manager, which give continuous access to improvements, bug fixes, security updates and performance enhancements.
  • It applies to all WSO2 products.
  • A full support account including 5 hours of query support as well as 24/7 incident-level support. See our support policy for more information.
  • Consultation about your project with an expert from the WSO2 Solutions Architecture team.
  • Assistance building proof of concepts for qualified projects.

The free trial is valid for a 15 day period. An account manager can work with you to convert expiring trials into a paid subscription.

Note: Once your trial expires you will lose access to all WSO2 Subscription benefits. You must also uninstall any updates you received during the trial period.

For more information, contact us.
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Free trial terms

Applicants for a free trial agree to the terms of the WSO2 Update End User License Agreement (EULA) and the WSO2 Support Policy. At the end of the free trial period, all subscription benefits terminate. You are under no obligation to continue. To continue your subscription benefits, please work with your WSO2 Account Manager on an annual WSO2 Subscription. Your account manager can help validate your deployment plans and provide price quotations and a copy of the WSO2 Subscription Agreement for your legal team to review during the free trial period.


Free trials, as well as WSO2 Subscriptions, may not be available in your region. WSO2 may require additional information and contact with you to qualify you for a free trial.

WSO2 offers free trials on an organizational basis. When you apply you must use your organizational (not personal) email. We reserve the right to further qualify free trials for organizations that have obtained a free trial in the past to ensure each trial represents a distinct project within the organization.