Early Access Programs

Commercial support is available for early adopters of emerging WSO2 technologies. Early Access Programs offer direct technical engagement and a formal support SLA, at a token cost, prior to normal long-term commercial support options that will be available from WSO2.

Early Access support covers only the most current public release. Applicants must be willing to serve as a reference with a publication sharing some aspect of their experience with the technology.

Early Access support is available for a limited period of time (typically one year). New subscribers are no longer accepted upon the release of a fully supported version.

Current Early Access Programs:

Ballerina Early Access Development Support

Early adopters of Ballerina may obtain a special development support package, offering members of your developer team access to Query Support for Ballerina. WSO2’s standard Query Support SLA applies, with no query support limit. Each developer in your group (minimum 5) must have their own account. This program will not be available to new applicants after the Ballerina language 1.0 release.

WSO2 Serverless Solution Early Access

The WSO2 Serverless Solution is available only as a Managed Cloud service providing up to 1000TPS, governed under our Managed Cloud SLA.