WSO2 QuickStart

Our QuickStart Package (QSP) helps you accelerate your enterprise implementation by jumpstarting an evaluation, proof of concept, or project.

What we offer

The scope of the QSP is carefully laid out in advance, encompassing goals such as:

  • Increasing awareness of product capabilities
  • Defining a solution architecture
  • Defining a deployment architecture
  • Defining an implementation plan
  • Preparing your project team to begin implementation
  • Developing a prototype or proof-of-concept for your business scenarios

How it works

The QSP includes two WSO2 consultants, who are experts in the pre-identified technical area, onsite at your location for a week (five consecutive days) of intensive work. We also provide 10 hours of development support, providing continuity for a month following the QuickStart.

How much it costs

We’ve significantly lowered our fees to make it more accessible, and to give you the best possible ROI!

North America $ 19,500
Latin America $ 15,000
Australia, New Zealand $ 19,500
Middle East & Africa $ 15,000
Asia 1
(Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore)
$ 16,000
Asia 2
(Other Asian Countries)
$ 12,000
(For other regions please request the regional price list.)

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