• Kalpa Senanayaka
  • Kalpa Senanayaka

    Kalpa joined WSO2 in October 2011 as a Software Engineer.

    Holder of a degree from the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, Kalpa's final year project was based on the development of a tool that can edit the Human Task. (WS-HumanTask) context via Graphical User Interface and generate the task automatically. Kalpa is also a Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP) and is a hard-core Linux user.

    Upon completing his degree, Kalpa worked on developing his industrial experience through internships at WSO2 and Code Gen.

    During his internship at WSO2 in 2009, Kalpa primarily worked on a Testing Automation Project, where he tested the WSO2 product line and including Unit Tests for necessary modules.

    Whilst at Code Gen, he worked on a GWT(Google Web Tool Kit) project where Graphical Data Analyzer Modules was used to make markup line adjustments.